Android Phone Internet Settings (MTN, Airtel, Tigo, Glo, Vodafone)

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It is so easy to set up internet settings on any android phone in. The two basic and only things you need are:

– Access Point Name (APN)
– Name for connection

To achieve this, simply tap on the settings icon on your phone. Navigate to Mobile Settings or network settings. The term used varies for various devices but it is the same thing.

Now look for APN name or APN settings. Tap on the options key and choose to create new APN.
Put any name for the Name field. The important part is the APN field. Simply type in “internet”  (without quotes).
Tap the option key again and choose save.
Now go back to the previous menu. The new APN should now be listed. Simply activate it by ticking the circle or icon beside it. You’re done!
Now go back to the mobile networks screen and enable network connection or internet connection.

Now you should see the internet icon (H, E or 3G). You can start browsing now. Check out the blog page for tips on how to get free browsing.


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