Free Browsing on Airtel (Android Only)

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Ok. Let’s get straight into it. Follow the steps carefully and enjoy free browsing on your android device today. This trick is for Airtel only. But feel free to try on other networks as well.

What You’ll need

  • Android phone
  • Your-freedom app for android
  • Time and patience


  • First register for an account at your-freedom. You’ll use that account for logging in to the app later.
  • Download your-freedom app from the Play Store if you don’t have it
  • Launch it and click on CONFIGURE. Select Account Information and insert the username and password you obtained from the your-freedom website.
  • Select Server connection: DNS/UDP TWEAK; Port:53
  • Connection mode: Nigeria Airtel
  • Click Wizard, and wait till it displays list of servers. The servers without coins are for free users while those with coins are for premium users. Choose one that applies to you.
  • Re-connection Delay: 5000
  • Minimum Post Size: 10000000
  • Initial Post Size: 150000
  • Go to your proxy settings in your phone’s network settings: PROXY: or Use 80 as port number.
  • Now go back to the your-freedom app and click START CONNECTION
  • Set your APN to:
  • Connect and enjoy.

Leave comments below for any help. Happy browsing.






20 responses to “Free Browsing on Airtel (Android Only)

    • For the servers, you cannot rely on only one. Use different ones at different times. Also, VPNs are known to slow down internet speeds so don’t be bothered if you encounter slow speeds at times. Just change the servers if it gets slow.


  1. Hi, ive done everything as you said but i still get the red exclamation mark on the status bar and account profile on the status screen says “unknown”, should it say something else?


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