How To Unlock an iPhone

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Unlocking an iPhone is pretty easy. All you need is iTunes installed on your computer.

But first, you need to place a request for your phone to be unlocked via Apple servers. You can make a request on the Unlock iPhone page. Once you receive confirmation that your phone has been unlocked, simply plug the device into your computer, and you are done. Simple as that.

Further Explanation

An iPhone usually comes locked to a specific carrier/network. This is done by linking the phone’s IMEI to Apple servers, so that the device can be activated on that carrier’s network alone. By unlocking, you are asking Apple to remove the restriction so that you can use other networks worldwide. What we do is to simply take your phone’s IMEI and place the order for you. You don’t have to give us your phone. Just sit home and relax, while we do the processing for. Upon successful unlocking, all you need to do is to just plug your phone into your pc, with iTunes. Then you’re done.

Check out the Unlock iPhone page to place your order today.


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