How to Remove The “New” Shortcut Virus From Your Computer (And Pendrive)

Shortcut viruses are a common thing today on most Windows computers. It’s “harmless” (in a way) – only annoying. We’ll learn how to remove it easily. After removing from the computer, then we’ll move on to removing from the infected pendrive as well.

There a few steps you can take to deal with this shortcut virus.


  • Install the all popular Smadav Antirus. Honestly, I’m not a fan of this software. It looks too “cheap” and doesn’t appeal to me that. Well, it’a a matter of choice and taste. I added it to the list because I saw it in action solving the shortcut virus issue today. The beef I have with SmartDav is that once your computer has already been affected, it’s unable to resolve the issue for you.


  • Have a proper antivirus program running on your system. Again, the choice is yours. Any proper antivirus program should work just fine ( as long as you keep it updated). Then do a full system scan. If this doesn’t work either, then move on to the next step.

Doing it the manual way (The best way):

The shortcut viruses are mostly scripts that run on your system when you boot up. The mostly hide themselves in the system startup folder. All you have to do is simply locate them and delete them. But there is a catch here: it installs itself with admin privileges so sometimes simply clicking on delete won’t get the job done.

The Steps:

  1. Show hidden files in explorer
  2. Navigate to the system startup folder at ( C:\Users\Genius\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup )
    You can copy and paste the path above into your explorer window. Just replace “Genius” with your username.
  3. Now look for an icon of a recycle bin and delete it. Simple like that. If your system doesn’t allow you, boot into safe mode and perform the same action.

This should get rid of the shortcut virus (script) on your system.

UPDATE: If you are having difficulties deleting the virus due to permission issues, follow the steps (Photos) outlined below on how to delete a folder or file in windows with admin privileges.

1. Locate the file or folder you want to delete

2. Right-click on it and select “Properties”

3. Click the “Security” tab in the menu

4. Choose your username from the “Group or Usernames” options. Select your username and click “Edit”

5. Now make sure that all the checkboxes for “Allow” are ticked as shown in the photo.

6. Click “OK” and to close the Properties window. Now try deleting the file or folder again.

You can also try the steps outlined above when you boot into Safe Mode.

Screenshot (15)


Screenshot (16)


Screenshot (17)


Screenshot (18)


Screenshot (22)




Now for the pendrive part:

1. Open the pendrive. Hold the shift key on your keyboard and right-click on an empty space. Then select “Open command window here”.

2. Then type the following command into the prompt:

attrib /s /d -s -h -r

This will show any hidden file on the drive.

Now type the following command to delete any shortcut icon on the drive:

del lnk *.*

Congratulations! You have rid your computer and pendrive of the annoying shortcut virus.

Leave comments below if you encounter any problems. I’ll send you a script that you simply double-click to make things easier for you.



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