Cheap Internet Bundles (Airtel, MTN, Vodafone)

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There are a couple of cheap and almost free internet bundle packages in Ghana. Usually these come as promotions from the various networks, but you may not even hear of them that much. For those of you who haven’t heard of such cool offers, today is your lucky day.

Today I’ll share with you some of these great internet bundles from Airtel, MTN and Vodafone

AIRTEL (Sika Kokoo)

Airtel has great deals when it comes to internet bundles. Their normal subscriptions give you double for any one you subscribe to. That is not bad at all. But the main one I want to highlight is their Airtel Sika Kokoo promo.

With this option you get 750MB of data (one day duration), with free calls to Airtel numbers and free Whatsapp. One particular thing I like about Airtel is their “Data Roll-Over”. This is essentially an option that extends the duration of your data bundle subscription, allowing you to top-up your data even before it expires. It also extends your expiration day when you top up your bundle. Cool right? You can read more about Data Roll Over on their site here.

The code for subscribing for this package is *477#

Price: 1 cedi per day


The trick to use is simple. First, subscribe for any of the internet bundle packages using *125#. Then after the subscription has been confirmed via sms, dial the *477# to subscribe for the Sika Kokoo bundle. This will add an additional 750MB to your current subscription. Now you’ll realise that your bundle increases and your expiration date is that of the original bundle you subscribed instead of the one day for the Sika Kokoo. Smart huh?

NOTE: Airtel Sika Kokoo works on particular sim cards. It is randomised, hence if you’re lucky, your number might be part of those that can enjoy.
Airtel has placed restrictions on the promo. Now it’s only available in the Brong-Ahafo and Northern regions. But if you are not in any of these regions, no need to worry. When you get the error message, just keep subscribing for about 5 times. One of them will subscribe you. Just keep checking your airtime after every 5 tries. Also, the package now expires after one day. Keep watching this space for more updates.

MTN MashUp + (Unlimited Bundle)

We all know MTN is fast in Ghana. The download speed can reach up to 1MB/s.

The newest addition to the bundle list is the MTN MashUp. Simply dial *567# to subscribe to any of the packages. It comes with free calls, free whatsapp, free facebook and free twitter, depending on which one you subcribe for. I must say they are really cool, especially coming from MTN. See the photo below for the full package list.

Also, they have an unlimited data bundle subscription in their data bundle package. The “bad side” about this is that you can only use it at midnight (From 12am to 5am). I guess the nocturnal ones will love this. This is usually good for downloading large files. I use this when I need unlimited data for very large downloads, and it’s fast too. Dial *138# to access this option.



VODAFONE (Vodafone X)

Vodafone pride themselves as the network with the fastest broadband in Africa. Well, to some extent that is true. Personally I believe they do deliver one of the best speeds.

They have a nice package called Vodafone X. It’s quite simple and cool. You just subscribe by dialling *5888# using a normal Vodafone sim card. But they have special Vodafone X sim cards as well.

This package comes with free Calls (To Vodafone X), free Whatsapp, free Twitter, free Instagram, free Facebook depending on which one you choose. See the full list in the photo below.

Price: 1 cedi, 2 cedis, 5 cedis, 10 cedis, 20 cedis per subscription plan.


The Price List for this package has been updated as follows:


You can read more about Vodafone X on their site here.


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58 responses to “Cheap Internet Bundles (Airtel, MTN, Vodafone)

    • Sorry to hear that. According to Airtel, the Sika Kokoo is activated on certain sim cards, and it’s subject to reshuffling. So at a point in time, you might not be able to subscribe for the service.
      Also the region you are in can affect you.


  1. Please is the Airtel sika kokoo only for smart phone users? …..cos i changed my phone and now anytime i try the subscription, “You are not eligible for this offer “…. why?


    • Please signup at our new website We’ll be releasing some new tricks in the coming week. Use the email signup form. You’ll receive an email as soon as the trick is published. Thank you.


  2. Charlie” huk_me up with any new free night browsing trick on airtel/ mtn” thanks my brother from different mother………..


  3. pls what about the other nertworks-TIGO GLO and i want to know how creat your own app and website creating pls any idea? with any negotiation.


  4. Why in south africa we don’t have those tricks but we don’t use same network in south africa we use Cell C,Telkom,MTN and Vodacom..plz help me I want to browse for free


  5. why is it that nowadays wen u try subscribing airtel sika kokoo .. then u get a message *Sorry u are not eligible for this offer.* am in ksi..


    • Yes. Actually, any network that advertises “unlimited” is deceiving us. There’s always a limit. They only assume you won’t be able to exhaustbit in that time frame.


  6. charley genius you be too much you taking Ghana to the next level keep it up… we will be waiting for you i will keep an eye on this site


  7. I just got a new airtel SIM and I can’t get myself subscribed to the sika kokoo thing, I don’t kno why…


  8. the Airtel trick does not work for me.the worst part of this airtel sika kooko now is that when I subscribe it does not last for 24 hours again, at first it last but now not anymore .


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