Now You Can Use WhatsApp on Your Computer – Officially

Now the web version of WhatsApp can be run from both firefox and opera browsers.

Finally WhatsApp users can now use the app on the web, using their web browser. For now, only the Google Chrome web browser supports the feature. This new move by WhatsApp will go a long way to make using the app a bit easier.

Most of the users of the app have been expecting this for quite a long time now. Up until now, the best option was to use Bluestacks to emulate the android environment in order to use the app. Bluestacks still works though, as it enables you to use most android apps on pc.


– A smartphone that supports WhatsApp (Android, Blackberry, Nokia S60).

NB: No support for iOS for now. Sorry guys 😦

– Chrome web browser installed on your computer

– WhatsApp installed on your smartphone.

The procedure to use WhatsApp on pc is quite simple. The new update to the app has a new option added to the menu. On Android, open WhatsApp, tap the menu button, then tap on WhatsApp Web in the options that appear, as seen in the picture below:


You’ll then see a new window with a scanner on the screen. This is used to scan the QR code that is generated in your browser. Just focus the scanner so that it matches the screen in the browser, then you’ll be able to sync all your messages to the browser.


Open up your Google Chrome browser on your computer. Then visit the official website at


All your messages gets synced to the browser. You need to have internet connection on both your computer and phone in order for this to work. But it is quite simple from here. Whenever, you receive a new message, you can reply using your computer or your phone.

I believe this will come in handy in the following situations:

* When you have a low battery and you have your phone on charge

* When you are at the office and need to always be on the computer

* And for the fact that this is actually cool 🙂

So there you have it. WhatsApp is officially supported on pc now. With time, we expect to see more improvements to the web version. Hopefully, there might be a desktop version soon.


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