How to Upgrade From Windows 8 to 8.1 (Without Internet and Losing Your Files)

Normally, when you decide that you want to upgrade your existing Windows 8 installation to 8.1, you require an internet connection to do so.

There is a much simple way, which will even leave all your settings and apps intact without losing anything.
It is quite simple to do, similar to how you will do a normal windows installation.

What you will need:
1. A windows 8.1 iso file or installation cd
2. A pc running windows 8

First of all, make sure your windows 8.1 iso file or installation cd is the same as your installed version; that is, if you are running Windows 8 Professional, then your 8.1 should be professional as well. Also the bit should be the same – either 32(x86) bit or 64 bit.

It is best if you have the iso file installed on a usb. Check  out this link on how to run a setup from a USB ( )

Makes the process faster. Or yet still, you can mount the iso file with the file explorer on Windows 8 or with power iso.
This will be a “live” installation hence the pc must be on, unlike the other way, where you have to boot from the external media.

To begin, just double-click on the setup.exe file in the windows installation iso or cd.




Double click on the setup.exe file to begin. Then follow the prompts that comes to continue.




Click on no thanks to skip update. Alternatively, you can choose to update, but it only prolongs the process so I wouldn’t recommend it.


Now, insert the product key for your windows installation.



After this, click next to start the installation. Sit back, relax and watch the process go smoothly. Easy as that.

After the installation, all your system settings and files will be as it is. The obvious difference will be the upgrade you just did as seen.

Enjoy using your new Windows 8.1. Leave comments below if you encounter any issues.






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