Tech Terms You Should Know

Today I’ve decided to share with you some technology terms I’ve come across over the years. The list is endless, but these few ones should for now. More will come later. And if you have a question regarding tech terms you don’t understand or want more meaning to, feel free to voice it in the comments section. Enjoy!


The term Cruft refers to program code, systems, and/or products that are poorly written, poorly designed, obsolete, useless, etc.


Skunkworks refers to a group of people who are working on a ‘public or secret’ project outside the normal rules in order to achieve unique and/or unusual results.

Time Shifting

Time Shifting is the process of recording an audio or video broadcast so that it may be listened to or watched at a later time.


Thumbing refers to the use of both thumbs to type or enter data on very small keyboards on hand-held devices.


A Vortal (short for Vertical Portal) is a website that serves as an online resource of news, articles, and services focused on a specific industry such as IT, retail, etc. versus general purpose websites that focus on multiple industries or topics.

Unstructured Data

Unstructured Data refers to any data that is not contained in a database. The Unstructured Data can be in the form of documents, PDF files, e-mail messages, web pages, etc.


A Topsite is heavily protected underground server (root site) that serves as the starting point (top of the distribution chain) for sharing and distributing copyrighted/pirated files such as movies, music, software, and games.


Tradigital (a blend of the words Traditional and Digital) refers to using a combination of non-digital (traditional) and computer-based methods to produce art, printed materials, and animations.

Turnaround Document

A Turnaround Document is a computer generated document (with OCR fonts used during the creation process) that can have extra information added to it physically by an individual, then be scanned back into the system to update an account, generate bills, etc.


Tweeple refers to people who use Twitter whether they are tweet writers and/or just tweet followers


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