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Today we’re going to learn how to browse free on the three major networks in Ghana (MTN, Airtel and Tigo). This trick has been around for a while. Some of you might have heard of it already. But to those who haven’t, today is your lucky day.
It works on both pc and smartphones (android). But we’ll be tackling the pc part today. The Android part will come later. Make your balance is at zero.
So just follow these simple steps below:

1. Go to click on downloads and download your-freedom windows full installer

2. Create an account with your-freedom and verify your account in your email

3. Install your-freedom setup on your pc and open it

4. Click on configure, on your server address use (the range you can use is from ems01 to rms20), Port 53 and select DNS as connection tweak

5. In the options tick boxes 1,3,5,6,7,8
6. On the right, put minimum buffer size 1500 Reconnection delay 5000 Initial post 10000000 Minimum post 200000
Ftp set to both
The picture below should help.


7.Now click on the accounts tab and input the username and password you created early on. (Make sure you have verified your email). Then save and exit

8. Click on the port tab and select sock4/5 and web proxy

9. Connect your modem and click on the start connection…you should see the gate (with a green colour) open if succesfully configured

10. Open your mozilla browser,click on options > advanced > network settings then use manual proxy. Set the http to port 8080
Then tick on use this proxy in all protocols.


Now you are good to go. Enjoy your free browsing. If you encounter any issues, comment below and we’ll help you with it. Happy browsing.


50 responses to “FREE BROWSING – 10 Easy Steps. MTN. AIRTEL. TIGO.

  1. Hi I just wanted to know if the software has been changed because I just downloaded it and it way different than the one in your picture. Please help me


  2. can i insert the aitel or tigo sim card in my android phone and connect to my laptop using the hotspot??
    ot it only works with the modem???


  3. i have downloaded the freedom software i did everything i started the connection the gate open with green colour with a sign like this ! in a red colour but the net is not working


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