How to Read Whatsapp Messages Without Opening the App


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So we all use Whatsapp. Sometimes you just want to read your messages without replying. Maybe you don’t want your stalker to see that you’re online.
Or maybe you’re just hiding from your boss.
Most people resort to hiding their “Last Seen”. But we all know that you’ll appear as “online” once you open the app. Well let’s use another method. It’s actually very simple. With this trick, you can easily read all your messages without opening the app, and appearing online.

If you’re on android, you know of widgets. Widgets are those little shortcuts that appear after the all apps menu. When you scroll through all your apps, there is a section that displays some sort of shortcuts to your apps.




See that section named widgets, that’s what I’m talking about.
In order to use any widget, just tap and hold it, then drag it to your home screen. Simple as that. So open your all apps menu, scroll to the widgets section. Then select the 4×2 Whatsapp widget and drag to the home screen.
You can even resize it so you get a larger space. Just tap and hold any space on the widget.



So that’s it. Next time when you receive a new message, just view it using the widget on the home screen. No need to open the app. And no one will know you were online, even though you have read the message.
Have fun! Share with someone too.


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