How to Uninstall Programs Using Command Prompt

The command prompt in windows has some powerful features. Knowing some of these could benefit you greatly. One such feature is the ability to uninstall programs. This can come in handy when you can’t find a certain program you want to uninstall in the programs list.

NB: You can skip to the last paragraph where the actual steps are.

All windows programs or softwares come bundled in .exe format.  This is the file format for most windows softwares. Others also come in the .msi format. But the most common is the exe.

Also when a program is  installed on your system, it has a file called uninstall.exe in the program files folder (the actual program’s folder). This is the file that gets executed whenever you perform an uninstall action on your machine.

So what if windows explorer stops working due to a virus or something else, and you need to uninstall a certain program to fix this. Or what if you just want to play around with windows, and maybe look a bit geeky in front of your friends. Well let’s get started with using the cmd for this. So first open command prompt by pressing the windows key. Then type cmd, right-click on it and run as administrator. This procedure requires elevated privileges to run effectively.

Then type this command at the prompt. It’s a simple command:



This basically switches the prompt to the wmic (Windows Management Instrumentation Command-Line) interface.
As you can see from the picture, the prompt has changed to wmic.

Next we type this command at the prompt:

product get name


This lists all programs installed on your system. It may take a while depending on the number of your installed programs.

Next, type:

product where name =” ” call uninstall


Just insert the name of the program you wish to uninstall in between the two quotation marks. You have to include the quotation marks as well.
You will then be prompted to confirm your action. Press or select “Y” , and then the uninstall will begin.

NOTE: Additionally, you can add this switch to the command. This helps to skip pressing the “Y” key. So the new command becomes:

product where name =” ” call uninstall /nointeractive

So there. Now you can brag to your friends. You have a new trick up your sleeve. Need help? Let’s hear it in the comments.


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